Intecs, which was founded in 1974, provides the most innovative software & hardware technology, engineering services and products for dependable safety- and mission-critical electronics systems.

Intecs designs and develops applications, tools, software, hardware components and products for Aerospace, Defense, Transportation,Telecommunication and Smart Systems markets in cooperation with major European and Italian Industries, Organizations, Universities and Research Centres.

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Intecs  is a company that offers equal opportunities to all its employees, actively supporting professional growth and the consolidation of specific experiences.

We believe in the value of people who know how to work in a team with the right tasks such as: individuality, team members or group managers.

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Pos. 2021_019 -  SECURITY METHODOLOGY ENGINEER March 25, 2021  

Pos. 2021_020 -  THREAT INTELLIGENCE ANALYST March 25, 2021  

Pos. 2021_021  ICT DEVELOPER & SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - NAPLES March 25, 2021   

Pos. 2021_022 -  WEB DEVELOPER- ROME March 25, 2021   

Pos. 2021_023 - BACK END DEVELOPER LINUX/JAVA - ROME March 25, 2021  



The experiences of Intecs in advanced technological developments led to the identification and implementation of some products used in new applications and advanced systems productions. 

These products are carriers of experience and investment consolidated over the years in both research and industrial fields.

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