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Vessel Traffic Management Information System

VTMIS are Command and Control System dedicated to the management of Marine Traffic.

The aim of this system is:

  • Human life safeguard at sea

  • Safety and rules enforcement

  • Traffic efficiency

VTMIS integrates all the sensors data and information for real time situational awareness. Intecs has developed an in-depth experience and expertise in design and development of systems software for VTMIS commissioned by the major players in the market.

Our offerings includes

Analysis, design, development, integration and testing of 

  • Multi Radar Tracking Systems

  • Sensor Control and Data Processing(SDP) 

  • Decision Support System

  • Geographical Information Management

  • Tactical Data Link

  • Formatted Messages

  • HMI 

Successful Implementation

  • Coast Guard Agencies

  • Border Guard Agencies

Navigational Channel Monitoring

Navigational Channel monitoring are system delegated to near real time monitoring of natural and artificial channel static characteristic (eg: depth , bridge frank, etc.) and dynamic characteristic (eg: traffic, pollution, etc.) 

Our offerings includes

  • Requirements Analysis

  • System Engineering and Modeling

  • Support on Hardware Selection

  • Hardware Integration

  • Software Development, Test and Integration

  • System Integration and Validation

System AIM

  • Vessel Traffic Monitoring without Radar

  • Vessel Speed Monitoring

  • Channel Depth Monitoring

  • Bridge «franco» Monitoring

  • Pollution Detection

  • Sensor Management

External Device Integration

  • CCTV and IR Camera

  • Profiling Sonar

  • Speed Detection Sensor

  • Oil Detection Probe

Airport Process Orchestrator

Airport Process Orchestrator is the intecs implementation of an A-CDM platform. The main objective is to minimize the turn-around of the Aircraft.

To reach the objective intecs developed an open-source based system that implement the EUROCONTROL functional requirements 

Our offerings includes

  • System Engineering and Modeling

  • Data Flow Integration

  • Support in definition of Business Process

  • Software Development, Test and Integration

  • Sensor Management Integration

  • System Integration and Validation

System Details

  • A-CDM Platform adhering to EUROCONTROL functional requirements and ETSI / EUROCAE standards

  • Localizer interface to track means and aircraft position in the Airport Area

  • Means Tracking System 

Enterprise Resource Tracker

The central idea beyond this system is that any company that has a fleet may have the following needs:

  • plan routes and modify them to traffic demands

  • know the position of the means

  • manage the activities of the staff on the means

Sample application are:

  • Bus Service Management

  • Coordination of SAR

  • National Park Monitoring

  • Taxi management

  • Mine Means & Men Monitoring

The implementation is based on the use or economic device to track the position and standard phone and tablet to monitor the situation and manage task.

Our offerings includes

  • Requirement Analysis

  • System Engineering and Modeling

  • External Data Flow Integration

  • Support to Business Process Model definition

  • Software Development, Test and Integration

  • Sensor Management Integration

  • System Integration and Validation

Data Recording and Management System

Recording & Playback Capability are a key feature of many Systems, especially where there are requirements of: post analysis of data or critical situation.

With accurate time-stamping prior to storage, your data can later be played back via the channels just like it was recorded. The time-stamping also gives you the accuracy needed for detailed post-analysis of your valuable data.

Many of today’s sensor RADAR, CCTV, IRTV, Secondary Sensor or image processing applications are standardizing on high bandwidth to transfer data between sensors and processor. 

Successful Implementation

  • Navy Agencies

  • Border Guard Agencies

  • Cost Guard Agencies

  • Air Traffic Control Agencies

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