COnsortium Ontology knowledge based Process forEnterprise Rationalisation

Funding programme   Campania Region – “P.O.R. 2000-2006, misura 3.17 “e- Government e società dell’informazione”)

Coordinator T.R.S.

Description COOPER, developed in cooperation with TRS, a partner in the “Consorzio START”, was aimed at the development of software tools to support the cooperation between enterprises as well as the activities of the consortium itself. These include in particular the management and allocation of procurement activities, from the receipt of requests for proposals to the billing, and also the production of reports to allow monitoring of activities, both within the Consortium and toward the customers.

Project results have been the formalization of business processes and the definition of a knowledge-based methodology, as well as the definition of infrastructure and implementation of prototype tools to support the proper implementation of the defined methodology.    

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