The main objective of our professional educational line is to provide high-level support services in order to reach and maintain a high level of professional skills in advanced system and software technologies.

Our educational line is evolving continuously and offers a variety of topics that are essential to obtaining the professional capability to operate in the competitive and evolving environment of system and software engineering.

Qualified trainers offer trainees many years of experience in the realization of industrial projects. The main topics of our educational offering are listed below.

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System and Software Engineering

Failure Mode, Effects (and Criticality) Analysis (FMEA/FMECA)    

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)                                                                    

SysML (System Modeling Language)                                                

UML (Unified Modelling Language)                                                  

Ada programming language                                                               


ECSS Standards

ECSS Management branch (M-series)                                            

ECSS E-40C Software Engineering Standard                                 

ECSS Q-80C Software Product Assurance Standard                     

CENELEC Standards




Automotive Standards

A-Spice 3.1                                                                                          

ISO 26262 / ISO 25119                                                                        


Avionic Standards

Avionic Standard DO-178C and its Supplements                            

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