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DEJAMM-R   is an autonomous device that continuously monitors the GSM-R band, used for ERTMS/ETCS (European Rail Traffic Management System/European Traffic Control System) Level 2.

It consists of a passive receiver, based on SDR (Software Defined Radio) architecture, where real time DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms run to make channel power measures, identify jamming and collect useful data to   detect the QoS of GSM-R signal.

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Detectable Interferences are:

  • Out Of Band Emissions (OOB Emissions)

  • Intermodulation Product of third order (IP3)

  • Adjacent Channel

  • Co-Channel

Dejamm-R sends the collected data to a remote MOnitor Center (MOC) via E1/ETH where they are stored in a database and they are available for analysis.

Dejamm-R should be installed along the railway tracks of high-speed lines between two BTS or in the neighbourhood of a central station where usually the interferences grow up.

DeJamm-R is a 24/7 device, that automatically provides indications about possible interferences and it could be used for data analysis to check the causes of problems occurred along the railway track and for monitoring the QoS in a schedulable time period.


Main Features

Remote Spectrum Analyzer:

  • Frequencies from 868 to 960 MHz

  • RSB (Resolution Bandwidth)

  • VSB/RSB (Visualization/Resolution Bandwidth)

  • Min and Max Hold, Average Curve

  • Gain

  • Offset

IP3 Analyzer

  • Graphic user friendly interface

BCCH GSM decoding:

  • PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network)

GSM Data Call

  • Schedulable,

  • Configurable

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of reliability of service

  • (BER) Bit Error Rate

  • Signal Quality

Data base

  • Playback Spectrum Analysis

  • BCCH decoding entries

  • QoSentries

High Configurability

•Available FW customizations in order to monitor other TLC Standard (e.g.:TeTRA, LTE, and 5G)

Other Details


  • 10/100MBits/sBase-TEthernetRJ45

  • GbESFP

  • GSM-Rmodem

  • GPS


  • RS232UART(onlyfordiagnosticinfo)

  • 20GPIO(DB9connector)

PowerSupply: 12VDC

OperatingTemperature: -25°+70°C


Dimensions: 370x264x102mm(WxHxD)

Weight: <7Kg

Other: CEcertification


For more information send an email to:

Intecs  the Brainware company