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Combat Management Systems (CMS)

The CMSs integrates all the ship’s sensors and information of other parties for real time situational awareness. Intecs has developed an in-depth experience and expertise in supporting the design and development of systems software for the CMSs commissioned by the major players in the defense market. 

Our offerings includes

  • Analysis, design, development, integration and testing of

  • Multi Radar Tracking Systems

  • Sensor Data Processing(SDP)

  • Sensor Control

  • Air Traffic Control (ATC)

  • Tactical Data Link

  • Messages

Successful implementations

  • SDP and HMI for the CMS Horizon Naval Program for Selex ES (now Leonardo Company)

  • ATC NUM Program for Selex ES (now Leonardo Company)

  • HMI of the torpedo Blackshark

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The HMI in the Combat Management Systems and C4I is composed by the PPI display that provide the Tactical Picture for both monitoring and engagement of target tracks and by the Support display that provides all facilities for the single sensor settings to the mission plan. 

Our offerings includes

  • Specifications from the Systems requirements

  • SW Design and Development based on the major framework

  • Strong domain expertise in the HMI for Naval CMS

Successful implementations

  • CMS Console of the major Naval Programs (Horizon, NUM, FREMM for Selex ES (now Leonardo Company))

  • HMI of the torpedo Blackshark 

Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

Verification & Validation, quality control and performance testing process are crucial steps in the product development life cycle. ATE allows a cost-effective approach to support these processes. The Intecs offering in this domain includes the overall solutions ranging from the design of HW station up to the SW development and Integration.

Our offerings includes

  • HW Design & Development

  • ASIC & FPGA Design

  • Physical Design

  • Embedded Real Time Systems

  • SW Design & Development

  • Model Based Engineering

  • Archiving & Post-Analysis Solutions

  • MIL-STD Documentation

Successful implementations

  • ATE for RF Radios (EFA/TETRA)

  • ATE for RF sensors (S, X, C and Ku bands) of the Missiles

  • ATE for microprocessor boards

Archiving & Post Analysis of production test data  

The need to centralize data produced by testing stations which are heterogeneous and spread in the areas of production itself, and to capitalize the information for monitoring and control of production, has been collected by Intecs that is now able to offer customized solutions that meet effectively these needs.

Our offerings includes

Development and integration of customized solutions (HW/SW) for archiving and post data analysis with features of:

  • Security (Encryption, Redundancy)

  • Effective HMI (Drawings)

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

The complex defense systems are increasingly composed of sub-systems based on embedded real-time sw and DSP. Intecs has matured a highly specialization in the design and development of DSP architectures based on SoC for sensors and telecommunications systems.

In this context Intecs is also investing in research of comprehensive solutions.

Our offerings includes

Design and development of DSP and SW Embedded & RT solutions for:

  • Sensors

  • Telecomunications

  • Safety systems

Successful implementations

  • Signal Processing for Digital Receiver RF sensors

  • Design and Development of General Purpose Signal Processing Board

Library Generation Framework & DBMS for technical Data                 

Intecs has developed solutions for the management and maintenance of information used for the configuration of the products (s/s electronic) depending on the requirements of operation of the same (eg. Electronic warfare systems)

Our offerings includes

  • SW Design and Development of customized Tools for Data Management based on SOA Architecture with either Web or Desktop client.

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