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DIONISIO is an Automatic Audio Identification System for the recognition of relevant audio events such as:

  • Gunshots;

  • People Screams.

DIONISIO is the right choice in all environments where are al time detection of critical events is required,such as Airports, Malls, Schools, Trainstations.

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DIONISIO is based on a microphonic sensors network, a central application server and a Human Machine Interface(HMI). The alarms, generated from DIONISIO sensors, are sent to the Application Server and presented on aweb-based HMI.


DIONISIO allows complete and accurate situational awareness and individual safety with the following advantages:

  • It is a passive system and is no tdetectable from other devices;

  • Good cost/effective ratio;

  • High portability through its compact and intuitive system integration kit;

  • User friendly interface;

  • Alarm notification.


  • Is the core system component

  • Is based on an«edge computing» paradigm, which locally analyses audio with the advanced techniques of Artificial Intelligence

  • With a network of SENSORS is possible to cover wide areas

  • Notifies the event within 2 seconds

  • Ceiling’s assembly and POE (Power Over Ethernet) interface allow an easy and quick installation

Application server & HMI 

The application server handles:

  • Storage of the data produced by the sensors;

  • Alarm notification to through E-mail, SMS, Whatsapp, Phonecall

An easy and intuitive HMI based on web technology allows:

  • A quick configuration and monitoring of the whole area

  • A control and set-up of each microphone in the network of sensors

  • Audio events streaming on demand

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