THE GROUP  Research & Development

Independent Embedded Bike Sharing

Funding Programme

Regione Toscana - Bando Servizi Tecnici

Coordinator   M. P. Telematica (I)

Partners  CUBIT (I)

Description   A bike-sharing system is a sustainable mobility tool used by public administration as:

  • An alternative to the motorized transportation in order to reduce the traffic congestion and the air pollution;

  • An integration among heterogeneous public transportation systems;

  • A bike-rental service for occasional users, including tourists;

  • A community service, like car-sharing.

IEBikeS is a bike-sharing system with the following unique characteristics:

  • Easy to use. Internet connectivity and RFID technology make procedures like activation, payment, usage, etc. Straightforward for the users;

  • Supporting maintenance activities. The network connection enables the bikes to exchange maintenance information with the control center, this improves the cost-effectiveness of repairing operations;

  • Ready to use. The public administration is able to manage the system by itself or outsourcing it in a competitive way reducing the operating costs.

  • Commercially viable. Value-added third-party services can be included seamlessly.

The main contribution of Intecs S.p.A. in IEBikeS is to realize a prototype of the Control Service Center, which will provide advanced services like: street maps; simple payment operations; reservation services; third-party location-based services; traffic and the tourist routes; software for users equipment (smartphones, tablets, etc...); system monitoring for maintenance; statistical information storage; users management.

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