THE GROUP  Research & Development


Innovative LBS for social/public dimension

Funding Programme

European Community - FP7 GALILEO  

Coordinator     Thales Alenia Apace (I)

Partners   Thales Alenia Space France (F); Frost & Sullivan (UK) ITS Information Technology Services ITS (IT); NAVEVO (UK); EASPD European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities; G&O (IT)


INCLUSION has the objectives:

  • to develop a location-based service (LBS) solution for motor-impaired people by delivering end-to-end functionalities where the users will be the most important actors in the design development process;

  • to contribute to the adoption of innovative GNSS systems as well as of GNSS ground-based augmentation systems requested by LBS applications for disabled people;

  • to analyse thoroughly all the business potentials for putting in place the commercial conditions of the INCLUSION product by identifying all the elements of a clear go-to-market approach;

  • to widely promote and disseminate INCLUSION activities, which have the scope to increase the perceived value of potential stakeholders towards LBS dedicated to motor-impaired people.

A consistent differentiator between INCLUSION and other existing solutions will be represented exactly by the implemented navigation functionalities, related to the use of future GNSS systems and their possible integration. For this purpose, ground-based infrastructures devoted to positioning augmentation will be adopted, including ‘EGNOS inside’ capabilities. This technology allows not only to decrease the time to the first fix and the location accuracy, but also to increase the location service availability, in very attenuated environments (urban canyons, light-indoor environments) answering in this way to the primary needs of disabled peoples’ mobility in safe conditions.

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