Model Based Approach Research for Verification Enhancement through the Lifecycle of a System

Funding programme   ESA/ESTEC

Coordinator TAS-I

Partners   Politecnico di Torino, SINTEF

Description  The study is aimed to improve the overall verification process of space systems, thanks to the usage of model-based methodologies. Adequate methods, processes and supporting infrastructures (networked tools and people) are defined and demonstrated, with the following main objectives for the study:

  • Evaluation of the applicability of MBSE to the AIV process

  • Definition of an adequate methodology to support the AIV process

  • Detailed definition of the application of such methodology on the review process

  • Detailed definition of the impact of re-used elements, COTS or series of models in the usage of such methodology

  • Validation of the proposed methodology through the application to relevant cases, prototyping necessary tools/links between models used for verification in an integrated infrastructure comprising system AIV, system disciplines, and lower level models where necessary.

  • Demonstration of the benefits in term of potential impacts on the effectiveness of the verification (e.g. anticipation of design problems detection, reduction of likelihood of flight anomalies due to design, higher control of project data and verification process) and improvements to the current practice (reduction of required time, and potential impact on project costs/schedule).


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