Rationalisation of process metrics for Software Life Cycle innovation through Open Source tools

Funding programme    Region of Sardinia - (P.O.R. 2000-2006 - Misura 3.13, Azione 3.13.b, Sub-Azione 3.13.B.2)

Coordinator   Intecs

Description METRICOS was aimed at the study, design and experimentation of a tool for the collection, analysis and utilisation of metrics related to the software development process according to the procedures identified by the process defined and applied to meet the CMMI level 3 requirements.

The aim of the project was the research of solutions to support the business improvement and enhance productivity, particularly for the processes mostly critical to the achievement of economic goals, such as the software estimation and planning process and the progress evaluation process.

The project investigated the application of techniques for the software project estimation according to the "Constructive Cost Model” (COCOMO) by Barry Boehm, which allows to evaluate the effort required to develop a software system on the basis of the estimated lines of code to be produced; or by using the Function Point estimation, initially introduced by Allan J. Albrecht, that addresses the same goal starting from the analysis of the requirements to be implemented.

The study of project monitoring was based on the evaluation of performance indexes related to the progress of the activities in terms of costs and schedule, as defined by the Earned Value System, aimed at assessing the differences in time and costs compared to the initial estimate.

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