Orchestrazione dei Processi e delle Risorse Aeroportuali

Funding Programme   Orchestrazione dei Processi e delle Risorse Aeroportuali

Coordinator  Intecs S.p.A.

Description The object of OPERA is the study and implementation of a platform for the integrated and collaborative management of airport activities according to the CDM (Collaborative Decision Making) recommendations of EUROCONTROL.

The purpose of the CDM is to implement and support operational models that integrate ground procedures with those of air traffic control and offer appropriate solutions aimed at making a more efficient airport system and consequently the air transport system as a whole.

For this purpose the design of the airport system must evolve from the current aggregation of services and activities carried out by the various stakeholders (airport managing body, airlines, handlers, security authorities, etc.) becoming an integrated set of processes in order to improve the overall efficiency of the entire system through collaborative management of all activities, from airport transportation to baggage handling, from check-in procedures to information services.

The main areas of intervention are:

  1. Implementation of CDM guidelines for defining a platform for data sharing between different operators with special reference to Managing Body, ATC and Handling Agents/Carriers.

  2. Optimization of the "Turn-Around" through the use of planning solutions and consolidated control of human and material resources to be allocated to flights for the accomplishment of handling services.

  3. Passenger Flow Forecast in order to optimize both the ability of planning and monitoring and readjustment of allocations to the various airport services. Models form pattern prediction and passengers flows are studied in order to support a more efficient use of resources

  4. Determination of positions of vehicles and mobile means operating in the airport apron (cars, stairs, loader, coasters, etc.) and monitoring of their missions’ status. 

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