Innovative Fibre Bragg Grating System for the Implementation of the Real Time Beam Forming of Flexible Acoustic Phased Array Antennas

Funding Programme Piano Nazionale della Ricerca Militare - Ministero Della Difesa, Segretariato Generale della Difesa

Coordinator Intecs

Partners  ISOCOMP

Description OPTIGRID concerns the creation of 3D acoustic antenna based on flexible phased array microphones (Flexible Acoustic Phased Array), able to maintain a high directivity listening (measurement of direction in azimuth and elevation of the acoustic source through electron beam deflection) despite non-planar deformation of the membrane.

This performance is achieved through the use of a grid of fibre optics (Fiber Bragg Grating) that can allow real-time calculation of the relative position of the acoustic elements during the deformation of the membrane. Thus the antenna can adapt to nonplanar installations surfaces such as curved surfaces and surfaces that dynamically vary their shape.

Also, the cooperation of several phased array conected in a (wireless) network may allow the exact location (range, azimuth and elevation) of acoustic sources by tracking them through multiple listening beams (triangulation).

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