Open-Source platform for telecontrol and data acquisition systems

Funding Programme Region of Sardinia - (P.O.R. Sardegna 2000-2006 – P.I.A. Industria, Artigianato e Servizi)

Coordinator   Intecs

Description POSTER aims to study and experimental development of an Open-Source software platform for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems by providing an architecture that facilitates the development and customization of these systems.

The application fields of SCADA systems are wide and extremely diverse, from large technology infrastructure systems for industrial production to large scale consumer applications, such as home automation. Particularly important is also the use of SCADA systems for the improvement of surveillance systems, in order to automatically detect in real time any possible security threats.

In these scenarios, the applications are very different, but from a general point of view, their high-level architecture is composed of:

  • the remote data acquisition sensors and actuators;

  • an infrastructure for the transmission of data acquired from remote equipment to a control centre and, vice-versa, for sending commands from the centre to the equipment;

  • one (or more) control system that includes:

    • one (or more) console for the presentation of data, often by means of synoptic charts,

    • an archiving subsystem.

The remote acquisition and control equipment are completely application-specific and cannot be generalised; on the contrary, the distribution infrastructure of data and the presentation subsystem, although they have application-dependent features as well, can be generalised.

Research objective is therefore the study and experimental development, by means of Open Source tools, of a software platform for the development of surveillance systems with easy features adaptability and expandability.

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