30 July 2021

Probably not everyone knows that INTECS is present in the US since 2017 with the American company INTECS Solutions USA Inc.

INTECS Solutions USA Inc. was born to support our traditional customers, mainly in the aerospace and railways market, in the American territory. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

American customers recognize our ability to work in regulated environments with appropriate methodologies and adequate preparation. Especially regarding railways, where our experience in the European CENELEC regulations considered superior to the American railway standards is particularly appreciated.

In the railways market we started with a Verification and Validation team in order to support Hitachi Rail STS USA's testing activities on the ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) product. This activity was then accompanied by a consultancy service on aspects related to Safety for both railway and metropolitan products.

The pandemic situation did certainly not help in keeping active our US headquarters, which for a year now cannot be physically reached from Italy. This severely limited our commercial capacity towards new customers. Nonetheless, we continue to have a large group of people working remotely from Italy, fully satisfying the requests of our main customer Hitachi Rail STS USA; we are currently involved in RAMS activities for the Honolulu driverless metropolitan project.

While waiting for the return to normality (or to what will be considered as normal), we are keeping our contacts alive with American companies and institutions ready to restart with renewed energy.

By the way, are you interested in an experience in the USA? … Let us hear from you.

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