Intecs has always placed great emphasis and commitment in  Research and Development for study and experimentation of innovative order to maintain up-to-date the knowledge acquired and to provide added-value support to its Customers.

These activities are carried out in collaboration with large  Industries,  SMEs and  major Universities or  Research Centres within national and European funding programs. 

Since the late '80s, in fact,  Intecs has been participating to a multitude of projects in European programs (European Community Framework Programmes, ARTEMIS, EUROSTARS, ESPRIT, …) as well as national or regional, on several occasions with the role coordinator.

Key elements of the innovation strategy pursued by  Intecs are:

  • the knowledge of the technology needs of integrators and end-users, operating in different application domains and markets, strengthened over time thanks to enduring partnership relations, and

  • the continuous acquisition of methodological and technological innovations proposed by the academic community, gained through a close network of contacts with Universities or Research Centres.

 Areas of interest are defined through the Research and Development Plan, according to the strategic development lines defined by the Company.

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