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S4SC-1000 (*) is an off-shelf product from Intecs Solutions ready to be used for specific on-board applications.

The S4SC-1000 provides all the basic functionalities required for the implementation of Safety Critical SIL4 solutions, including an intrinsically safe «voting» feature that can also be used for validating «vital» data from two separate sources.

S4SC-1000 is built on 2oo2 (2-out-of-2) architecture certified SIL-4 and conforms to the RFI IS402 standard.

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General characteristics

Safety: Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 4, based on the CENELEC EN 50129 standard. The requirement is met thanks to the implementation of a 2oo2 architecture.

Reliability: MTBF> 10 years thanks to the use of two units in cold redundancy connected by a special 'switch'.

Protection against deadlock guaranteed through the use of a 'watchdog' mechanism managed at the software level.

Computational and interface features

  • CPU: Xilinix Virtex5 and CPU PPC 440 @ 400MHZ

  • RAM: 128Mbyte (HW check at memory integrity run-time)

  • Flash: 32MByte

  • MRAM: 2MByte

  • Vital I / O: 4 Output (0-48V), 3 Input (voltage reading or contacts)

  • RS422 Synchronism Lines: 4 Synciscreen Lines (Output) (1Hz).

  • Serial Lines:

  • 5x RS485

  • 1x RS232

  • Timer: 6 Timer 32 Bit (100Mhz)

  • Guaranteed synchronization via GPS satellite receiver

Environmental Protection

  • Level: IP55

  • Temperature Range: -25 ÷ +70

  • Power supply: 220Vac

  • Dim: 483mm (l) x266mm (h) x244mm (p)


  • Certification CE

  • Shock / Vibration: IS402

  • EMC: IS402

  • Electrical: IS402

  • Thermal: IS402


  • HW sub-system integrated into a special enclosure for outdoor applications and certified with respect to the IS402 railway regulations.

  • Embedded SW development platform, made up of:

    • Board Support Package

    • Real Time Operating System

    • Diagnostic Functions

    • Voting functions

    • Configuration Functions

  • External software platform designed for configuration and diagnostics.

  • Documentary set supplied with the product to allow certification integrated with the application.

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