Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication

Funding programme   ECSEL

Coordinator   Alten Sweden   

Partners  Thalès, Smartesting Solutions & Services, ClearSy, ARMINES, UNIVERSITE DE PAU ET DES PAYS DE L'ADOUR, ATOS SPAIN, UNIVERSIDAD DE CANTABRIA, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Schneider Electric España SA, IKERLAN, Fent Innovative Software Solutions, TEKNE,

UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DELL'AQUILA, INTECS, Ro Technology, Åbo Akademi University, AinaCom, Space Systems Finland, Nokia, VTT, Conformiq, Bombardier Transportation Sweden AB, Volvo Construction Equipment, Mälardalen University, SICS Swedish ICT Västerås, Brno University of Technology, Camea

Description SafeCOP targets safety-related Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems (CO-CPS) characterised by use of wireless communication, multiple stakeholders, dynamic system definitions (openness), and unpredictable operating environments.

SafeCOP will provide an approach to the safety assurance of CO-CPS, enabling thus their certification and development. The project will define a runtime manager architecture for runtime detection of abnormal behaviour, triggering if needed a safe degraded mode.

SafeCOP will also develop methods and tools, which will be used to produce safety assurance evidence needed to certify co-operative functions. SafeCOP will extend current wireless technologies to ensure safe and secure cooperation. SafeCOP will also contribute to new standards and regulations, by providing certification authorities and standardization committees with the scientifically validated solutions needed to craft effective standards extended to also address cooperation and system-of-systems issues.

SafeCOP brings clear benefits in terms of cross-domain certification practice and implementations of cooperating systems in all addressed areas: healthcare, maritime, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I).

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