Architecture and Analysis of a Satellite Downstream Boost for xDSL Networks

Funding Programmes ESA ARTES 1

Coordinator   INTECS S.p.A (I)

Partners  ITSLab (I); OTE (GR); NKUA (GR)

Description  The project SAT4NET, funded by the European Space Agency’s ARTES 1 program focuses on analysing the technical and economic feasibility of an integrated xDSL/satellite network architecture. The key idea is to exploit the very broad coverage of satellite to provide additional bandwidth to users in areas that due to distance from the switch the download speed is much lower than densely populated areas.

Throughout the project we outline the architecture of such a hybrid network and discuss some key design choices that were identified in the study. Furthermore, we report results from the performance evaluation study of the network, based on packet-level simulations, to show the effectiveness of the main proposed solutions.

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