Intecs can offer high-tech services through a number of highly qualified professionals, within both the reference market domains and the emerging ones. The offer includes consultancy in both System and Software Engineering, process and quality improvements (according to the leading standards), and related assessments and training.

The offered services aim at fully satisfying customer requirements, in terms of:

  • Quality

  • Continuity

  • Availability

A well-established recruiting process, in place since several years within a specific Unit of the Human Resources department, is able to select the most suitable candidates for any given consultancy position. The selection is based not only on technical skill, but also on other not less relevant aspects, such as teamwork, capability to work autonomously, proactivity, and problem solving. Those are essential features for the provided services.

Moreover, much care is devoted to skill growth and deepening of own professional people. This is achieved through specific training and certification paths, towards the acquisition of newly emerging technologies and standards.

The offer comprises the following professional profiles:

  • Embedded/Firmware Developer

  • Model-Based Designer & Modeler

  • GUI Designer & Engineering

  • Server/Client Applications Engineering

  • GIS Applications Designer

  • Software Validator

  • System Integrator & Validator

  • System Engineer (Aerospace /Railway /Defence/ Automotive /Telecommunication)

  • Navigation System Engineer

  • Cloud & Virtualization Applications Designer

  • RAMS Engineer

  • HW/PCB/Mechanical Designer

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Services Delivery Models

A number of possible service delivery models are herein described.

Consultancy & Technical Support

  • Business typically awarded on a purchase order.

  • Customer owns and manages both schedule & time allocation of assigned resources.

Consultancy & Managed Team

Access to a portfolio of skills provided on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) basis, and supported by Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

How does it work?

  • Service Level Agreement or Frame Contract with the Customer 

  • Intecs chooses from a pool of resources (mandatorily, including Team Leader) the people having the required skill and experience.

  • Customer owns the staffing plan according to project milestones. Intecs manages the Customer-selected team and reports the KPI’s.

Professional Services

System & Software Engineering  

Intecs can deliver consultancy services related to the definition of the most suitable processes & methods to apply in System/SW developments.  

Namely, consultancy services are available for the following activities:  

  • Feasibility Study  

  • User Requirements Analysis  

  • System/SW Requirements Analysis and Specification  

  • System/SW Modeling and Design, both high-level and component-level  

  • System/SW Implementation  

System Integration and Test  

The long-time, consolidated internal experience in System Integration, let Intecs offer highly qualified consultancy services in the system integration itself, for all the concerned domains. Namely, the offer comprises the following:  

  • Systems and Sub-system Integration (both HW and SW)  

  • Integration Test, both Lab and on-site.  

  • Design of both Real and Virtual Test-Beds  

  • Design and implementation of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)  

  • Model-based testing  

  • HW/SW components testing, from unit level to system level.  

Independent Verification & Validation  

Intecs can leverage upon a long experience of Independent Assessments in favor of major and large Enterprises or final users. This lets  Intecs  offer advanced Independent V&V services, such as:

  • Code Coverage analysis  

  • Standard compliance  

  • Code Inspection  

  • Static Analysis & Metrics  

  • Functional Test  


Thanks to our RAMS expertise in different domains (avionics, railway, aerospace, defense, automotive, telecom), strong methodological skills and practical experience gained in consulting activities, Intecs helps organizations to effectively manage RAMS requirements for safety critical systems ensuring compliance with the domain standards. 

Our experts are capable to support the customer in technical safety and RAM activities starting from the early phases of the product development to its certification: 

  • Planning the system and software safety lifecycle (Safety Plans, RAM Plan, etc.);
  • Hazards identification and risk assessment (HARA);
  • Definition, quantification and apportionment of RAMS requirements to subsystems;
  • Qualitative or quantitative RAMS analyses/methods: 
    • Reliability prediction
    • Product and Process FMEA
    • FTA
    • Maintenance (preventive and corrective) analysis;
  • Providing highly specialized technical support to the activities of "safety assessment" in different domains;
  • Evaluation of the RAMS process currently performed by the customer (as-is) in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency (to-be). 

  • Network Engineering

    In the domain, Intecs can offer the following services:

    • Multi-platform communication

    • Video surveillance

    • New generation of Mobile Station

    • Network Design (Lan, Man, Wan)

    • Emulation Systems

    Advanced Consulting Services
    The advanced consulting services provide support on the increasing complexity that characterizes the Systems and processes that are the evolution of technology in leading industries. Our offer takes the form of services:

    • Process Consultancy (Automotive SPICE, CMMI, Agile,etc.)

    • Quality assurance services

    • Training 

    • Tools consultancy


    • ITIL, PMP, IPMA (Certified Project Manager)

    • Scrum Master

    • CISCO CCNA/CCNP Routing e Switching, Security, Data Center

    •  Linux certifications LSI101, LSI102, LSI103

    •  Microsoft certifications MCSA MCITP

    •  VMware certifications VCP5-DCV VCP5-DCV

    • Sun/Oracle certifications SCJA, SCJP (OCJP)

    • IBM RTC

    • National Instruments certifications CLAD, TestStand CTD

    • ISO 9001 Auditor

    • EN 9100

    • IEC 61508

    • CMMI Appraisal Team Member (ATM)

    • Automotive Spice INTACS-VDA

    Since 1994,  Intecs  has been certified ISO 9001 by DNV-GL (Det Norske Veritas - Germanischer Lloyd).

    Intecs has successfully passed an assessment for capability level 3 of Automotive SPICE®, HIS scope.

    The  Intecs  quality sy stem is compliant with NATO standards AQAP-2110 and AQAP-160, and it is certified compliant with EN 9100.

    Special Confirmations

    Intecs  has been qualified, by SCIROTÜV and TÜV Rheinland, for the performance of software assessments according to CENELEC EN 50128 standard. Among the  Intecs  own professionals, there are a number of functional safety engineers according to EN 61508, as certified by TÜV.

    Intecs has been qualified by Volkswagen for the conduction, on their behalf, of process improvement initiatives in favor of software suppliers of Volkswagen itself, and aiming at the achievement of given capability levels, according to Automotive SPICE®.

    Among the  Intecs  own professionals, there are also Automotive SPICE® software process assessors, and certified, according to the European scheme INTACS, by the German VDA / QMC standardization committee.

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