THE GROUP  Research & Development

Sicurezza ferroviaria e Infrastruttura per la Mobilità applicate ai Passaggi a Livello

Funding programme Regione Toscana - POR CReO 2007-2013

Coordinator INTECS S.p.A (I)

Partners  IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi s.p.a. (IT); UNIPI (IT); CNR (IT); Abstraqt s.r.l. (IT); ILES s.r.l (IT); Aleph s.r.l (IT); Italcertifer s.p.a. (IT)

Description  The project SIMPLE (Sicurezza ferroviaria e Infrastruttura per la Mobilit√† applicate ai Passaggi a LivEllo) is placed into the category that pertains to the "Districts Regional Technology", in particular "District for rail technology, high speed network security." Objective of the project is the integration of technologies and services belonging to different sectors (rail, urban mobility). SIMPLE allows you to create synergies, at regional level, between the railway and other production systems, such as computer systems and advanced communications. SIMPLE also integrates the rail system with the dynamics of urban mobility, providing security services in the railway sector and useful information to the optimization of traffic flow for the road, with obvious advantages in terms of environmental impact.

SIMPLE aims at an integrated and secure railway level crossings in the Smart City, while providing value-added services to citizens regarding urban mobility. the system

SIMPLE now consists of two main components: one directed purely to the aspects of safety of the level crossing and the other concerning the collection of data on mobility in neighbouring metropolitan streets and the provision of related services, including, for example signalling, via variable message signs (VMS), the driver of alternative routes to those along which there is a level crossing closed.

SIMPLE is composed of:

  • Radar sensors for monitoring the line on the level crossing;

  • Sensors to advanced technologies in support of radar sensors (cameras, RFID, turns);

  • A system that implements the logic for the management of dangerous situations (fixed or mobile obstacles on the track, mechanical failures or malfunctions of the level crossing);

  • System that implements the logic of communication with the security systems of land and the edge, so as to activate the appropriate emergency procedures, in relation to the severity of the condition detected;

  • Data acquisition system of train transit in order to predict the evolution of the system "level crossing" and provide appropriate information and integrate mobility;

  • System acquisition and storage status of the level crossing, in order to predict waiting time based on statistical data in real time;

  • Acquisition System of the estimated times of trains and positions in real time through GPS system in order to integrate the information of traffic forecasting algorithms;

  • Sensors and hw devices for the collection, transmission and storage of heterogeneous data (flow area of the level crossing and surrounding areas, the level of congestion in the area around of the level crossing, waiting time for the crossing);

  • Web-based software system for the collection of data from social networks;

  • Platform of value-added services: information on journey times, calculation of alternative routes, view real-time critical situations in the monitored area, length of queues of vehicles at the level crossing. These services will be accessible both via the web (portals, social networks, ...) thanks to PMV installed in the area.

  • Software platform for modelling and simulation of the area concerned, in order to assess the impact on the area and predict the evolution of rail and road mobility in regular and emergency situations.

SIMPLE is a "System of Systems" (System of Systems - SoS), in which each system includes subsystems and systems dedicated to perform complex functions for specific problems. The interaction between systems through appropriate platforms for communication and data exchange finally allows the creation of services with higher value than the sum of the individual components.

SIMPLE is an excellent example of a system that performs a specific function: monitoring level crossings, integrated in the wider ecosystem management of urban road network in order to offer new features.  

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