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SIRIO LX  is a radar -based automatic system for preventing train from colliding with obstacles on the track at level crossings. It has been designed to ensure the highest level of safety standard (SIL4, CENELEC 50129)

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  • Safe: Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 4, based on CENELEC EN 50129

  • Flexible: Observes a parallelogram shaped area with configurable angles and size

  • Modular: up to 4 radar sensors can be used in the same installation site covering all geometries of level crossing

  • Performance: Extremely low false alarm probability even in harsh weather conditions (fog, rain, snow) and in all light conditions

  • Reliable: MTBF > 10 years

  • Diagnostic Video Camera: Video (closed circuit TV) transmission when obstacle detection occurs for system diagnostic purposes



The basic configuration is 1 radar and 1 outdoor cabinet.

Radar Sensor:

  • Obstacle detection

  • Communicates with the cabinet through RS485

Corner Reflector:

  • Sensor diagnostic functions


  • Interfaces with signaling through relays

  • Provides power to the radar sensor

  • Records video of the monitored area

  • Transmits information to the remote control system

Remote Control Terminal:

  • Receives all information about the status of the level crossing via LAN or GSM-R .

Technical Characteristics  

  • Minimum Detectable Obstacle:  Size Sphere 60 cm diameter

  • Obstacle Materials: Any

  • Reliability: MTBF > 10 years

  • Safety Requirements: CENELEC 50129, SIL 4

  • Reaction time: 3 sec

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