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Sirio-OD  is a radar-based system for the automatic detection of objects which have fallen onto railway tracks in high-risk zones such as overpasses, tunnel entrances and exits and zones prone to landslides. Sirio-OD has been designed to ensure the highest safety standard (CENELEC 50129, SIL 4).

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  • Detects any dangerous objects which have fallen onto the track

  • Prevents trains accidents by providing an instantaneous alarm to the signaling system

  • Works effectively in any weather condition, day and night

  • Flexible installation for monitoring areas of different shapes (close to overpasses, bridges, tunnels, landslide zones etc.)

  • Low maintenance costs



  • Highest level of safety: SIL 4 (CENELEC 50129 standards)

  • High Reliability : MTBF > 10 years

  • Train detection (0/350 Km/h) to avoid reporting a train as an obstacle

  • Sophisticated self test procedure

  • Interfaces directly with the railway signaling system 


Sirio-OD node is composed of 2-4 radar sensors (RSR Radar) and one outdoor cabinet. 

It is possible to install more nodes on the track, each node being independent and directly connected to the signaling system. Each node transmits information to a Remote Control Unit via LAN or GSM-R

Main technical data

  • MINIMUM DETECTABLE OBSTACLE SIZE:  Sphere of 60 cm diameter

  • TRAIN SPEED RANGE: 0 - 350 Km/h

  • RELIABILITY MTBF: > 10 years

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