The Solutions and System Integration offer line brings together years of experience in different domain such as Aerospace, Defence, Transportation, Telecommunication and Smart Systems. Thanks to this background experience we are able to deliver cross domain solutions starting from the analysis of the idea, going through the HW and SW development up to the validation and certification phases. Our approach to system and software development is quite flexible and depends on the context/customer needs. For project with a clear goal and well defined user requirement we usually adopt the waterfall methodology.

This is in line with many domains such as Aerospace and Defence where standards and norm have to be applied. For dynamic projects where the final goal is not always clear and the requirements can change during the whole project life cycle, we use a more modern approach such as the Agile methodology. We have also experimented mixed approaches by adopting an Agile-like methodology for specific steps of the waterfall approach or by applying the Agile approach maintaining the compatibility with processes and standards typically based on a sequential approach (e.g. ECSS). All these experiences allow Intecs to be reactive to changes while maintaining a rigorous approach and adherence to standards. 

Despite the capability to design solution from scratch we have gained extensive experience in System Integration. Integration of complex systems requires high expertise and problem solving skills in high criticality conditions. Intecs can bring together multiple systems from many vendors to meet a customer’s business needs. The goals can be achieved by using off-the-shelf, pre-configured solutions or completely customized components that need to be integrated with existing components in a customer’s environment.

Space solutions

Space is one of the domains where Intecs has been involved since it was founded. We have been involved in several projects for the main Space Agencies both for ground and for on-board software development

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Satellite navigation & communication solutions

Intecs has developed a set of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Receivers and GNSS Signal Analysis products based on Software-Defined Radio (SDR). The solutions are capable of receiving GPS, EGNOS and the new GALILEO constellation.

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Avionics solutions

Our team of Avionics experts has been developing and building on its specific experience in implementing safety critical and mission critical systems since Intecs was founded.

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Automotive solutions

Intecs has created solutions for the automotive domain over the past 30 years as a supplier of the leading OEMs. We combine know-how in the fields of engineering, consulting, and IT solutions to help our customers over the entire life cycle of their products.

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Smart solutions

Intecs strongly believes that Smart Solutions represent a new generation of technology innovation and convergence working together in unprecedented ways to solve smarter and more complex business problems than previous generations of computing.

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Air traffic control solutions

Modern aviation requires a efficient Air Traffic Control (ATC) ensuring the regular operation and its optimization, both in the airport  environment and in national and international air spaces. Air Traffic Control systems are dedicated to supervision and coordination of airplane flight and airport traffic during take-off and landing. 

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Vessel traffic service solutions

A VTMIS is an Command and Control System dedicated to the management of Marine Traffic. The aim of this system is:

  • Human life safeguard at sea

  • Safety and rules enforcement

  • Traffic efficiency

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Decision support system 

Decision Support Systems are a set of applications developed to plan and track activity during missions.

Intecs concentrates its experience in mission planning and monitoring and safety rule enforcement.

Decision Support uses information collected from sensors and aggregated from other systems to create a complex picture and find the "best" solution to perform the user defined activity.

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Railway solutions

Over the last 20 years, our team of experts has been developing and testing fail-safe systems for railway signalling applications conforming to the applicable standards (CENELEC EN 50126, 50128, 50129). 

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Defence solutions

Intecs operates in the defence domain, on Naval, Terrestrial and Avionic Systems, making the complexity of the systems involved its excellence in aspects of Quality, Safety and Software Engineering rendering Intecs unique in Italy and Europe.

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Business intelligence solutions

BI applications are decision support system that allow the analysis of strategic information.The Intecs offering in this domain includes the main BI tools ranging from data extraction, Data Warehouse solutions, definition and implementation of scorecards and dashboards, OLAP and report definition and implementation.

Monitor & control systems solutions

Monitor and control systems make it possible to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network, service and performance problems and to quickly react. Monitoring span directly from the network level, passing via the service level up to the “business” level (workflow monitoring). Intecs can deliver Network monitoring, Service monitoring and End to End monitoring systems.

GIS solutions

Geographical Information Systems represent one of the main competencies of Intecs. We design and develop solutions for extracting information from satellite imagery for geographical and location based applications. We build WebGIS solutions that enable valuable information to be accessed easily via the Internet and on mobile devices.

Web & Portal development solutions

A portal is a powerful Web site that gives users a single point of access to applications and information in a unified interface. A portal lets users view each application or Web page in its own window, called a portlet, and a single browser window can contain multiple portlets. We build portals based on standard technology with a modern look and feel integrated with GIS capabilities.

Embedded solutions

We develop embedded software for custom or commercial electronic boards, from the development of specific firmware for HW debugging to the development and integration of the final application for the specific domain. Intecs is mainly specialized in board prototyping, development of Bios/Driver for specific boards, development or porting of embedded RTOS, base software development and domain specific software development.

RAMS solutions

RAMS analysis is a very important aspect of the verification process and we have a dedicated team that can support our customer for Safety Analysis, Support for Certification, Safety Assessment, Training activities. Our experts provide highly specialized technical support to all the way through the life cycle of the product development to guarantee compliance with applicable safety and quality standards.

IV&V and system testing solutions

Verification & Validation, Quality Control and Performance Testing Process are crucial steps in the product development life cycle. Automated Test Equipment (ATE) allows a cost-effective approach to support these processes.

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