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D.I.A.N.A./A.T.E.N.A Automated Test Equipment: a proprietary system specifically designed to automatically execute tests for validating the car ’s CAN network. D.I.A.N.A. is not a simple test bench, but is a system customizable in HW and SW to satisfy customer needs. 

 D.I.A.N.A./A.T.E.N.A. is the integration of two distinct subsystems, the S/S-HW, constituted by a National Instruments PXI system and by a connectivity panel, entirely designed and developed by the HW Intecs laboratories, and the S/S-SW constituted by Client/Server; the client is constituted by an application, developed on Eclipse platform, while the server allows to control directly the hardware NI during tests.

The scripting language used to develop tests, based on a subset of C language commands, provides a set of commands to drive the PXI boards and to execute macro-functions, e.g. to launch a sequence of operations to connect/disconnect the power supply, to provide the "key-on/off" signals, to import messages/signals from a CAN database. The tool generates a report with link to log file CAN (.asc format). 

Each report is digitally signed and it is possible to export it in pdf and html format. D.I.A.N.A. has also a viewer textual/graphical of dbc files that allows to navigate and access to the information contained in these files.

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