Intecs, founded in 1974, provides the most innovative software&hardware technology, engineering services and products for dependable safety- and mission-critical electronics systems.

Intecs designs and develops applications, tools, software, hardware components and products for AerospaceDefenceTransportation,Telecommunication and Smart Systems markets in cooperation with major European and Italian Industries, Organizations, Universities and Research Centres.

Embedded Real Time Systems   

Ever since its earliest years of activity Intecs has been involved in the development of software for embedded systems, applying rigorous methods and adopting sophisticated commercial or proprietary software tools.

Intecs has developed a family of Operating Systems and "micro-executives" for embedded applications with hard-real-time requirements that mandate deterministic response times.

These Operating Systems are equipped with tools supporting the development, verification, and configuration of embedded applications.

Multi-core technology is also under investigation for its impact on schedulability.

Hardware Design

Our Hardware Development experts are structured in specialized groups. Each group is focused on the deepening of a specific technology (optics, control, switching...).

This guarantees the excellence of the result both in terms of quality and timeliness. The hardware team provides support in every stage of the hardware design process, from the architecture specification to release of units next offline test stage.

Verification & Validation

Intecs is especially active in the field of V&V (Verification & Validation) of complex systems in different areas and markets such as Avionics and Railway Signalling Systems.

Intecs has developed several software tools to support or even fully automate testing tasks. It has also significant experience with a wide class of tools and facilities that provide dedicated environments for the verification of electronic and electromechanical equipment.

Guidance Navigation and Control

The GNC team provides technology integrated and innovative solutions and tools for embedding Guidance, Navigation and Control in any kind of systems or vehicles.

Problem solving, multidisciplinary and rapid prototyping are essential capabilities of this working. Our experts are able to support all the technical phases and activities of the system development from requirements definition up to deployment and validation.

HMI (Human Machine Interaction)

The Human Computer Interaction group provides expertise in design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use.

We investigate new technologies and tools for improving the interaction between man and computer. We develop systems easy to use both in nominal case as well as when the device or the environment change dynamically.

Our main focus is in Multimedia and multimodal human- computer Interaction Information Visualization, Accessibility and usability, user experience.

Our experts cover all these areas proposing innovative solutions able to support our customer quickly and in an efficient way. A key element for success in this field is based on continuous improvement of technologies and tools for Geographical Information Systems and satellite Remote Sensing.

Model Driven Engineering

Intecs  is a leader in the field of methodologies and tools for the analysis and design of complex software intensive systems through model driven approaches, including integration with techniques for the modelling of non-functional requirements specific to Hard Real Time and dependable systems.

Intecs has developed a family of tools supporting the critical activities of the software system development process, such as the analysis, design and automated coding of Hard Real Time systems.

Under investigation is also a “next generation” requirement engineering discipline and tools capable to join traditional traceability management with natural language analysis and use of ontologies.

ASIC & FPGA Design

The capability to develop, internally, complex semicustom devices such as ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), represents an indisputably distinctive characteristic of our team.

For over 20 years, the dedicated and professional skilled engineers, with a deep knowledge of the most well-known IC technologies (CMOS, ECL, SiGe,..) and the most advanced design methodologies and tools, are involved in the development of ASIC and FPGA.

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