Intecs has expertise about HW/FW design, SW application development, integration, configuration, system test and maintenance of electronic devices and subsystems for telecommunications,

Intecs can offer solutions, product and services which make use of the most advanced technologies and platforms.On the basis of his knowledge is able to analyze customer requirements, set architectural solutions and design specifications and support the client in every step of project .

Intecs can support the realization of the series production process and provides maintenance services in accordance with the quality level for products relating to customer networks.

Intecs provides the analysis and resolution problems due to obsolescence and in addition it is able to activity concerning testing, certification, technical assistance and support of level 1, 2 and 3 , training and manuals

Intecs has a team of CISCO certified personnel with certification CCNA and CCNP (Routing&Switching, Data Center, Security, Collaboration) that has depth knowledge of network equipment and management of safety questions.

Intecs has a lifecycle management skills (planning, risk analysis and control) of the project / product and experience on new product architectures using the latest technologies through international standards to date (ETSI, ITU, IEC).

Development process

HW/FW development process

Electrical Design

Knowledge of development process and HW components boards prototyping from architecture specifications definition to unit release for testing phase.

  • Realization of equipment for telecommunications markets, Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, Automotive

  • Analog and Digital design

  • Timing and Synchronization

  • Design of electrical and optical interfaces up to 10 Gbit /s

  • Use of radio modules (GSM / GSM-R, GPS, BLT, WiFi and Zigbee)

  • Knowledge and use of the main microcontroller and microprocessors families

  • Knowledge and use of DSP

  • Design of AC / DC and DC / DC power cards

  • Power Line Communication

  • Signal Integrity Analysis for high speed signals

  • Pre- and post-layout simulations

  • International standard reference

  • Optoelectronics and Photonics

Physical Design

Knowledge in all phases of design, from the definition of basic specifications to product engineering and its approval.

  • Mechanical design.

  • Knowledge of International Standard (ETSI, IEC, NEBS ...)

  • Specifications and design, engineering, Structural Analysis, SE Analysis (shielding)

  • Rigid and rigid-flexible PCB Layout design

    • Multilayer PCB stack up to 20 layers and 24 layer for backplane

    • FR4 or materials for special applications such as Rogers

    • Blind vias, buried vias, laser vias….

    • BGA Fanout Management with pitch up to 0.5 mm

    • Routing with controlled impedance

    • IPC standards knowledge

  • Thermal project (Specifications and design, thermal analysis)

  • Reliability calculations (MTBF, FMEA)

  • Eco-design (Legislation and standards, rules and procedures on Product Implementation)

  • Test (Specifications and Procedures, Reporting)

  • Thermal Analysis (Infrared Thermal imager, thermal probes, Climatic chamber for high temperature test)

  • Acoustic tests (Room reverberating, Integrating Sound Level Meters)

  • Thermal Fluid Dynamics Analysis: FLOTHERM / FloPack (Flomerics), Flotran (Ansys)

  • Structural analysis: Structural (Ansys)

Firmware (FPGA / ASIC)

Knowledge in every phase of the design of of custom component development from high-level specification to prototyping.

  • Many years of experience in:

    • SoC (System on Chip) based NiosII ALTERA and Xilinx Microblaze.

    • circuits, algorithms and processes required by the Standard

    • High-speed transmission interfaces (i.e. SRIO, PCIe, SPI4, GEth, Aurora).

    • External RAM interfaces (ZBT, DDR2,DDR3..)

    • Zynq of XILINX

  • SW high-level languages (VHDL, C and C ++, GUI tools) for the description of the logic circuits

  • Analysis of the product code and synthesis through the use of scripts

  • logic and behavioral analysis of the circuits designed through the use of logic simulations (dynamic and static)

  • Analysis of interfacing hardware, the propagation and signal integrity

Software development process

Competence in every phase of the software development process: from the definition of software architecture to release specifications for the system test activities.

  • Multitasking and multiprocessor systems

  • Processes competitors, interprocessor communication, Client-Server Architectures Model-based analysis and development: static and dynamic model, specifications "INFO model"

  • real-time architecture / application design

  • Languages and platforms

    • specification languages: SDL-GR, GDMO, ASN.1, UML

    • Programming languages: C / C ++, XDesigner, TCL, CSDL, ASM Motorola, Java

    • operating systems "real-time": Linux, VxWorks, pSOS, OS68 (owner)

    • software development platforms: Solaris, Windows, Linux for configuration management tools: IBM Rational ClearCase®, Sablime®

  • SW development tools: Eclipse, Netbeans, Source Navigator. Tools for software testing static code analysis and dynamic analysis

  • Testing of component and integration of the "host" and "target"

System integration&verification process

Competence in HW/SW products Integration, functional verification of compliance with the requirements and assessment of conformity with international standards (ITU, ETSI, ISO, IETF, IEEE), criteria and acceptance with customers.

  • Test strategies and system validation 

  • Architecture HW / SW of test systems

  • Technologies: optical,microwave,PDH,SDH,Ethernet(IEEE 802.3),IP protocols / OSI

  • International standards (ITU, ETSI, ISO, IETF, IEEE, etc.).

  • Instrumentations:

    • Tool of the testing process support: MS Project, TestDirector, MRTool test automation and tool support: XRunner / WinRunner, LabView, Visual Studio

    • Ethereal for analysis of the LAN protocols

    • IxANVL for testing suite of compliance of LAN protocols

    • Tool for the simulation of complex networks and for the generation of traffic for system checks in the loading conditions and stress

    • Test Tools / Measurement and tool SW: PDH, SDH and Ethernet analyzers and emulators of LAN protocols, Switch, Bridge and Router, Spectrum Analyzers and measurement instrumentation

Certification Lab 

To the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, with annexed semi-anechoic chamber, can be performed several test related to civil or military application.

The EMC Laboratory provides advice on standards and EMC testing from the earliest stages of development and until the final product certification.


To the EMC Laboratory can be performed tests according to European Directives, Military and Avionic standard.


A large semi-anechoic chamber (m 16x8x6) with an equally large access door (m 4.5x9) allows to accommodate also equipment of considerable size. Furthermore the presence of a forced ventilation system allows to combustion engine equipment to normally operate during testing.

A turntable (3 mt diameter - 2000Kg capacity) and an antenna positioning tower (1÷4m height) lets out test according to the civil standard.

Three shielded rooms, adjacent and to the anechoic room connected, allow to optimize the positioning of the equipment under test and relate control or support instruments.

Adequate instruments ensure a comprehensive coverage of EMC tests, also in terms of power and frequencies:

  • Radiated emissions: 14KHz÷40GHz

  • Conducted emissions: 16Hz ± 1 GHz

  • Radiated immunity:  200V/m@1 m (14KHz÷18GHz), 100V/m@1 m (18GHz÷26GHz), 5V/m@1 m (26GHz÷40GHz)

  • Conducted immunity: 30Kz÷400MHz

EMC Laboratory executable tests  

CE marking

European Directives 89/336/EEC (2004/108/EC) e 99/05/EC

Other standard

MIL-STD-461E/462, RTCA-DO160G

Product safety

EN 60950-1 for Information Technology Equipment 2006/95/EC


ITU-T k.20, k.21, k.44, k.45 for telecommunication equipment 

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